The Weak Knees



Twenty Two.


It’s a nice cool day in Asheville, today. Feeling reminiscent of Charleston.

Albert Camus, The Plague  (via buttcardigans)

(Source: hellanne, via buttcardigans)

I was very fond of you, but now I’m so, so tired. I’m not happy to go, but one needn’t be happy to make another start.

So Patrick and I arrived in Asheville, North Carolina yesterday. We have decided to settle here for at least the Winter. Now it’s time to look for jobs and find a room! Got a appropriate outfit for applying/interviewing today from Goodwill. It’d be a lot easier to find a job if I were clean or had a place to keep my dogs, but the catch is that it’d be easier to find a place to live if I had a job. Oh, how I enjoy society.

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